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Bruce Lee's Martial Art - Training Contemporary Jeet Kune Do &
Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Jeet Kune Do ( abbr. JKD ) Bruce Lee's martial art that is based on a philosophy that Bruce Lee created around 1967. Rather than being one specific style or set of techniques it favors economy of motion, simplicity, and function. JKD is a martial art philosophy based on getting to the truth of the matter, discarding what is not useful, and learning and evolving over time.

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Since Jeet Kune Do is meant to be progressive and evolve it is difficult to say that one person studies JKD as it is more of a personal journey than a set of moves or routines to master. It is almost impossible to predict what arts Si Gung Bruce Lee would have integrated (or set aside) were he still alive today and teaching JKD. Keep this in mind as we look to honor the teachings of the founder of this art while teaching what has been learned by our teachers. Contemporary Jeet Kune Do is a permutation of what was learned by our teachers with the addition of what has been learned over time. Please feel free to view the video to the right to catch a sample of our training methods.

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