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Paul started his martial arts studies at the age of eight. Inspired by Bruce Lee and several martial arts movies, he asked his parents to enroll him with his brothers in Okinawan Karate. In these classes as a young boy and under the structure and discipline of the dojo he learned how to apply focus, effort, and the concept of mind over matter to his life.

His martial arts education continued into his college career where he studied with a group of Korean exchange in their homeland martial art of Taekwondo (TKD). He continued his studies in TKD until the fall of 1993 where he and his brother happened upon a Progressive Fighting Systems school.

Having been recently inspired by Brandon Lee’s life and films, he and his brother signed up for private lessons in Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Kali at the school. After a humbling sparring session with the head instructor, and meeting the great Rickson Gracie (who was conducting a weekend seminar), Paul decided that he wanted to train with as many top martial artists as possible in his life. Since that time, Paul has had the honor of learning in person from some of his heroes including Sigung Dan Inosanto, Sigung Paul Vunak, the late great Sigung Larry Hartsell, Sifu Ron Balicki, and Sifu Diana Inosanto.

Paul considers himself a lifetime student of martial arts. Incorporating martial arts in his overall education, Paul has applied its practices and philosophies to all facets of his life, such as career, self-discipline, and his fitness goals. As a benefactor of the knowledge from his teachers, Paul is now looking to give back by passing on his knowledge to his students.

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