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Σ (Sigma) - In Mathematics and Science; the symbol for summation

SUMMATION - cumulative action or effect; especially: the process by which a sequence of stimuli that are individually inadequate to produce a response are cumulatively able to induce a nerve impulse

Sigma Fighting focuses on utilizing training methods, martial arts, and philosophies that build upon each other for the purpose of both self perfection and self preservation. We focus on different martial arts and training methods (taught to us by our mentors and teachers) that complement each other to help you increase your chances of winning a street fight. Some arts and tools are utilized to bring out a specific movement out of your body and others are ballistic weapons that are easily maintained.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced martial artist, we are here to help you become confident in the street to the best of our abilities and if necessary point you on to other places to train to keep you improving. At sigma fighting, it is our goal is to train you for real street fighting situations with the real threats and dangers of the street in mind.

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