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Self Defense - Jeet Kune Do / Filipino Kali Classes & Instruction

4 Week Introductory Self Defense Course

We are no longer accepting students at this time. Private training is still available on a negotiable case by case basis as we evaluate our business goals and future direction and locations.

Available Classes:

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Train in Self Defense techniques and training methods passed down from Bruce Lee to Dan Inosanto to Paul Vunak straight to our classes and passed on to you!

Learn Self Defense technology so effective that the U.S. Navy Seals asked Paul Vunak himself to teach it them personally. This Military Technology and training method is now available to you through our classes.

Register Now to Learn:
  • The Four Ranges of Fighting
  • The Five Ways of Attack
  • Which Arts Integrate Most Easily Into Street Fighting
  • How to Intercept Your Opponent

Integrate Arts with Elements from:
  • Boxing
  • Thai Boxing
  • Brazilian Jujitsu
  • Wing Chun
  • Savate
  • Kali/Escrima
  • Panantukan
  • Pananjakman
  • Dumog

Intermediate / Advanced

     Take Your Training to the Next Level! Intermediate classes are offered to individuals with approximately two to three years of Primer Course training (or similar training and a skills assessment). Intermediate classes focus on balancing self-preservation with self-perfection and fully utilizing the skills built from the Primer Course. Intermediate classes cover content from Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT), Trapping in the MMA Matrix, and Edged Weapons training.

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